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[DTC ANNOUNCE] New release 0.24.0


I am very proud to announce this new release.

One of the major improvement might be that with a single command
(apt-get install dtc-toaster), the panel will setup fully without error,
 with all the 154 direct and indirect dependencies. As well, we are very
happy that we have now support for Xen. But there is as well a bunch of
new features and improvements.

This new release includes support tickets, renewal with email reminders,
a new, easier to understand layout, (unfinished) import/export
functions, domain parking (for DNS, Apache, and mail), daily stats
(instead of each month), and some more package installers (Joomla,
Vtiger, WANewsletter, and drupal).

I want to thanks here all the contributors and translators that helped
for DTC being what it is right now.

I have uploaded the package to mentors.debian.net, the package is
currently signed with my gpg key that is signed by a debian developer. I
hope it will be included in the mainstream debian repository, at least
in unstable or experimental. Daniel at debian.org replied to my request
for sponsoring, and I hope he will review the package soon so he can
upload it.

Thomas Goirand
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