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[DTC ANNOUNCE] Patches available in our Debian repository


Since the last update, we have found issues that made us do some updates
to the current stable version. Nothing too bad, but enough to release
fixes. Those fixes includes:

- problem with paypal instant notification not validating the payment
- rights problems for the gfx and imgcache symlinks (fixed by adding
Options FollowSymLinks so it don't needs any chown to nobody anymore)
- packaging problem on the dtc package itself (fixed quickly after the
first release of the new stable).
- a fix for the arial.ttf and verdanna.ttf that where not found and so
not displaying the user menu.

If you have upgraded to version 0.24 prior to 0.24.3 (which is the
current stable), you should upgrade now to fix those issues.

Thomas Goirand

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