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Release of version 0.26.3


I have uploaded our current Git version to GPLHost's main Debian
repository. This becomes our latest stable version.

Even if I have released some beta of this new version, nobody spent time
to test it, so the only way to find out bugs on it is to do a release. I
would have like to have more feedback, but I didn't had any, so...

I sincerely hope that there are no big mistakes in this version, and I'm
waiting for feedback. This release is full of many small but important
bug fixes, and I really think this is improving the overall quality of
the panel. But regressions are always possible.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the improvements since 0.26.2:

- feature: User databases can be on a different host now. Also, remote SQL
is fully working for DTC as well.
- feature: Fixed some of the problems of the ticket system (root panel side)
- feature: Recipient delimiter now configurable
- feature: The port of the panel for SSL is not configurable
- feature: Shuts down and delete an admin VPS when deleting
- feature: rewrote the rrdtool graphs in PHP, not using librrd-perl and
a cgi-bin anymore
- feature: ALL types of email messages sent by the panel are now
configurable in /etc/dtc
- feature: Now supports "Visitor" stats
- feature: dedicated are now showed on "domain" view of the admin list
- feature: graphs the xen disk I/O, network and CPU usage in the client
interface, for each VPS.
- feature: shows the registration date for the new admin waiting list
- bugfix: management of sasl2passwd when no password set (to support
older version of dtc)
- bugfix: the no-reply @ is now using the correct domain
($conf_main_domain) and not no-reply.com
- bugfix: the debian cron script checks for the panel to be installed
- bugfix: the mysql user accounts are now added with both % and localhost
- missing code: now deleting mailing lists when deleting an admin, also
deletes VPS & dedicated servers
- missing code: now also restarts courier-pop-ssl and courier-imap-ssl


    Thomas Goirand
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