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Version 0.28.2 release!


I'm proud to announce that the new version 0.28.2 of DTC is just
released. Please upgrade and test it. It has been about a month and a
half since the last release, so we were quite looking forward for this
new one.

Here is the improvement list:

- DomainKeys support using dkfilter (inbound filtering and outbound
signing), so you wont experience problems sending to Yahoo! anymore.
Note that our dkfilter package is currently waiting for inclusion in
Debian after my sponsor uploaded it, so it will hopefully reach Debian
SID soon.
- A dtc-cyrus port now exists to simplify it's setup
- The panel is now fully internationalized, with full translations in:
Russian, German, and French. A total of 981 strings is currently in.
Some other languages need updates like: Spanish (510 strings missing),
Portuguese (694 strings missing), Simplified Chinese (335 strings
missing), Polish (516 strings missing), Duch (355 strings missing),
Italian (520 strings missing). The new system uses gettext with a
separate file for each language, and all files are now in UTF-8. If you
can do some translation job, please get in touch so it's included in
next release!
- New backup NS & MX code
- sftp support inside vhosts (using ssh accounts)
- Fixes for some amavis restart problems (now stops the postfix queue
for a while when restarting amavis)
- Improved support for CentOS 5
- Lot's of minor improvements and bugfix

A full changelog history is available using our gitweb here:


The new version is available using our (source) repository here:

deb ftp://ftp.gplhost.com/debian etch main

or using it's .sg (Singapore) and .fr (France) mirrors. Please note that
we also provide a source repository at the same address.

We hope that you will appreciate this new release. Please send us
feedback about it through our forum here:


or by registering to our developer mailing list (send a mail to

Thomas Goirand
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