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Released: dtc 0.28.3, dtc-xen 0.3.15 + dkimproxy debian package


The 2 projects are now updated with a new version in our FTP. They
correct small issues, and include some updated debian template
translations. DTC also include some (non debian-template) updated
translation, thanks to contributors. A big thanks to them.

Manuel did a build for the dtc RPM package that is now following the
Debian builds (eg: it's out at the same time). We hope to have more
feedback on that port, we didn't have so much even if we think it's
working quite well now.

One of the new thing of DTC is the support of dkimproxy instead of
dkfilter. If you have dkfilter installed, then remove it, dkimproxy is a
replacement from the same author.

We have tested DTC with dkimproxy, and it seemed to work quite well.
However, we didn't do intensive testing in busy mail servers. Please
report if you see it crashing (as it's a quite new thing).

Note that I'm currently working with my Debian sponsor, Roberto C.
Sanchez to have all the 3 package (dtc, dtc-xen & dkimproxy) uploaded
into Debian. Thanks to him, some obvious mistakes (like wrong section
for manpages in dkimproxy and others) were corrected. A big thanks to
him for his work. The new upload should fix all the remaining bugs in
the Debian bug tracking system (BTS), so DTC can be migrated to testing
(Lenny) and have a chance to reach the stable Debian when it's out in
about a year.

Thomas Goirand
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