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Version 0.28.4 release with paypal & enets bug correction


Since version 0.27.5, DTC is using gettext() and setlocale() for
managing localizations. This has introduced a problem when formating the
amount for paypal & enets payment gateway, replacing the . (dot) by a ,
(coma) in the amount field, depending on what locale has been set (in
other words: depending on what language your customer has set in his
browser). The result is that payment was not possible in case the locale
of the browser is not something that uses a dot for decimal separator.
This version corrects this problem.

Also in this update: a manager for the IPs of your dom0. Now you can
enter one or more IP address for your dom0 (separated by |), and it's
check against the IPs of your VPSes. This way, it's now impossible to
make a mistake assigning IP addresses.

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