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dtc-0.29.5, dtc-xen-0.3.19 are released today

Hi all!

DTC 0.29.5 is out, with quite some bug-fixes, including some for the
forth-coming Lenny (which is the next Debian stable). Here is the list
of feature improvements since 0.28.10:

- bugfix with /var/lib/dtc/etc/named.conf rights (important for Lenny)
- Splits the VPS tab in 3 screens, now uploading of ssh key works
- quota_size fixes for courier, now has a max value working (2 GB)
- Added a text file to warn overquota users
- Improved renewal reports and accounting. Now there is a company's
expenditure system, that will soon be able to account all your company's
data (currently it doesn't do anything else than book keeping, it will
soon add values and do additions)
- Expired VPS can't be booted up now.
- Now it's possible to shutdown an expired VPS in the renewal manager
(or even kill his account)
- Deleting a VPS now also deletes his partition and it's /etc/xen/auto
- Added an IP address manager for dedicated servers
- Added a default TTL value configurator, to help set DNS TTL to a very
low value before a migration
- It's now possible for a customer to add a new VPS or dedicated server
to his account
- Updated dependencies for Lenny (now we expect it's in good shape)
- Added WebMoney payment gateway support thanks to mister999 from the forum
- Now every day, the SPAM folder of each accounts are cleaned (spam
older than 15 days are deleted)
- Now DTC can generate wildcard DNS entries
- Lot's of internationalization and localization work

I hope that you will all like the improvements, and that there are no
serious bugs remaining in this release. Note that release between
0.28.10 and 0.29.5 all have problems (they were all released yesterday
and today), so if you have one of them, you should upgrade immediately.

This was for dtc. Here are the changes to dtc-xen:

- added python-sqlite dependency, to avoid problems during setup of
CentOS VMs
- Now graphing I/O rate for each VM on the same graph as for Network and
- Implemented a service to collect data that will later be fetched by
DTC, so we can remove the dom0 side graphing (to be done on the dtc side).


Thomas Goirand
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