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DTC v0.29.8 released


I have released last night a new version of DTC. This version 0.29.8 is
the last update (I hope) before Lenny. Lenny (the next Debian stable) is
said to be out in next September, but nobody really knows. The current
Stable Debian was scheduled for September, and in fact was out in April.
However, we really need people to check for this version under Lenny. So
if you have time, please setup (or upgrade) to Lenny in your test
servers, and check that DTC is running as well as we expect it does.

As of now, DTC will come in 2 flavors: the stable release, that will
follow Debian, and the current release, that is in the Git. The stable
version is frozen in therms of features, while the current version will
continue to evolve.

You can follow the list of bugfix in the stable version here:


The stable version should be the most stable release we ever did.

I'd like to remind everybody here that, even if DTC is compatible with
both bind 8 and bind 9, that you should all upgrade to bind9 BEFORE
upgrading DTC, otherwise you will hit the DNS security issue (DNS
poisoning that can lead to all sorts of issues). If you did the upgrade
of DTC already, just install bind9 (apt-get install bind9) and restart
the shell installer  of DTC (/usr/share/dtc/admin/install/install), that
will fix the rights problems you will have after the DNS upgrade.

Also, I'm quite happy to let you know that both stable and current have
now a full Simplified Chinese translation included (as translations are
allowed to be sent in Lenny before the release). My wife worked a lot on
that (she is Chinese), to make sure that everything is accurate.
However, if you are Chinese and can check that she used the correct
technical words, that would be much much appreciated. Now there is still
a long way to have all translation updated. Here is the current status
of the translated strings in the panel:

hu_HU 238 fuzzy, 826 not translated.
it_IT 233 fuzzy, 659 not translated.
nl_NL 108 fuzzy, 271 not translated.
ru_RU 69 fuzzy, 42 not translated.
de_DE 70 fuzzy, 45 not translated.
pl_PL 305 fuzzy, 582 not translated.
pt_PT 231 fuzzy, 832 not translated.
es_ES 238 fuzzy, 643 not translated.
fi_FI 53 fuzzy, 1094 not translated.
zh_TW 271 fuzzy, 712 not translated.

If you think you can help, please read this page to know how to
contribute a localization:


Also, I'd like to publicly thank Olivier (olivier at ezcom-fr dot org)
for his translation work on the wiki that you can see here:


This helps a lot French people. If you got free time, you are welcome to
write in the wiki. More generally speaking, this wiki is NOT read only,
and we welcome everyone to write in it.

That's it for today, I hope that you all appreciate our work on the
panel, and that we will receive soon even more contributions.


Thomas Goirand

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