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Debian Lenny is out, DTC is in!

Debian Lenny has been released this week-end.

GPLHost is proud to announce that, after 8 years of hard effort, we can
for the first time, see DTC (and dtc-xen) directly integrated into
Debian. More than this: for the first time, a web hosting control panel
is in a major UNIX distribution, and it's our product that leads the way.

For us, having DTC released in Lenny this week-end also means many other
things for our developments. First, our own Debian repository will NOT
contain the stable version anymore, as it's pretty useless to do so when
all our packages are directly in Debian. We will continue to maintain
the 0.29.x branch, but only for having it in constant good shape for Debian.

GPLHost's ftp area will now be dedicated to supporting other
distributions (mainly: CentOS and FreeBSD) and for the Debian "unstable"
version of our packages. The version 0.30.1 of DTC (eg: the current Git)
has already been tested successfully by many, and it is planned that
very soon, we release it to public in our FTP area. I will write about
this and make the corresponding announcement when that time comes.

I'd like to thanks to all contributors, testers, and translators that
helped to make this major release point and achievement possible. As
there are a lot of people involved, it is easy to miss somebody, so it
is risky to try naming people. I still want to name Cristian Livadaru
for the Cyrus support, George Vieira for the Mailgroup alias patch,
Thomas Morgan for the nice bwoup skin that is now the default, Olivier
Soille for his help on the documentation (in our wiki), his bug reports
and the paperboard skin (that will be on the next release), Daniel
Baumann and Roberto C. Sanchez that sponsored the upload into Debian and
helped with the package quality checkings, and of course all the people
at GPLHost that contributed: Manuel Amador, Damien Mascord and William

Thomas Goirand
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