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CentOS port of DTC-Xen


We are quite proud to let you know that our CentOS rpm port of DTC-Xen
has come to enough maturity so we can tell it's fully usable. Feel free
to try it, and report any issue you would have with it. The howto for
installing it is in here:


We will soon release a version in our yum repository, but currently it's
only available in our Git. You should also use the latest Git version of
DTC to connect to it, as the protocol between DTC-Xen and DTC has
changed a bit.

We will also release the dtc-xen-os-* packages in RPM forms so it will
be easy for you to install some image based distributions. If you do
know some VM image repository where we can get some pre-built images,
we'd be happy to use them, so let us know any relevant URL. Note that we
already know jailtime and stacklet.com. We have already packaged Fedora
9, Gentoo 2008.0, Mandriva 2009, NetBSD5, Ubuntu 8.04 and 9.04. We would
be interested in having images for SUSE, slackware and others, each time
on both i386 and x86_64 arch.

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