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New version of MySQMail


As you know, in DTC, MySQMail is responsible for parsing the logs in
real time, in order to give a realtime monitoring of the bandwidth usage
for the mail and the ftp system.

Today, I am please to announce I have sent to our Debian repository (and
the mirrors) a new version of MySQMail. The improvements are numerous.

First of all, I have rewrote the parsing itself, which was quite weak.
Not, I believe that it's a lot more maintainable, safer, and less prone
to bugs.

Second, instead of modifying /etc/syslogd.conf and using a fifo,
MySQMail is now using a Popen call to use tail -F. That means the Debian
package is a lot less ugly, and that there's no broken pipe issue
anymore, as the -F flags retries to open the syslog file. There's no
issue either when syslogd (previously, this was making mysqmail crash).
The fact that we don't need to modify /etc/syslogd.conf also means that
we will be able to have the package uploaded into Debian directly, which
also means that we will be able to have a hard dependency to it (only in
dtc-postfix-courier, as we want to keep dtc-core with as less dependency
as possible).

Now, even if we sent it in production in our servers, and tested it with
our test VPSes, and also believe that it's ready for production, we
still believe that it would be great if you could help testing it, and
report any eventual issue, as it's still in it's still a young package.

The work that comes next will be near-realtime disabling of accounts
that are over bandwidth for both shared and VPS accounts. I hope you are
as much exited about these new features as I am.

Thomas Goirand

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