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DTC 0.30.18 is out


Just a quick email to let you know that DTC stable 0.30.18 is out (for
both the CentOS and Debian packages). This include few bugfixes as follow:

- Increased the max password lenght (Closes: #566651).
- Fixed the default admin site for URL and the new .htaccess.
- Removed test mode from dkim signature that was advertised in the DNS,
making domains fail the dkim signature checks on some mail servers.
- Added some stuffs in the .htaccess that were missing.
- Now, it's impossible to create a db called dtc, mysql, apachelogs, or
- Now using the correct configured domain and not just the main_domain
for the support
- Fixed USER_ADD_CMD and GROUP_ADD_CMD variables in the installer.
- Added bulgaria in the EU VAT system.
- Added chown of the slave_reverse_zones folder.
- Replaced the warnings by custom error messages in renewals.php
- Set a default rDNS of the form mx.xenXX.nodeYYYY.example.com for new
VPSes that match the default hostname

We recommend everyone to upgrade to this new version. What pushed me to
make an immediate release was the DKIM proxy "t=y" string still being
advertised in the DNS, making dkim check to fail on some peer servers.

Also, there was a (not very serious because extremely hard to exploit)
race condition when a new VPS is created with DTC-Xen. We also recommend
you to upgrade to the latest version of DTC-Xen.

As for the unstable version, a lot of nice improvements have been made:
- Support for moneybookers as payment gateway
- New reworked multi-registrar API (currently: OVH and Webnic)
- Improved FreeBSD support (lots of patches)

We would be very happy to have more feedback on the unstable version, as
this reduces the amount of bug to fix after it is released as new
stable. We will push for yet another round of translation before the
release (currently, English messages are not yet even in the template.pot).

Thanks again to all the contributors,

Thomas Goirand
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