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DTC 0.32 is out

Press release: GPLHost releases a new version of DTC hosting free software

Shanghai, sept 2010

After one year of development, GPLHost is proudly announcing a new
release of it's flagship software.

Why you should care and talk about it: DTC had very little exposure to
public (because we neglected PR), even though it the most achieved free
software aimed at commercial shared and VPS hosting.

Coming with this new version is a full and tested support for FreeBSD:
last year, we added support for CentOS, this year we are releasing for 3
operating system at the same time.

In therms of new feature, there's a big list of them. Rather than long
sentences that you'll find boring, here's a fast-reading bullet list.

DTC general improvements:
- Multi-registrar modular system (currently supporting Webnic,
Internetbs and OVH)
- Customizable logo and title
- Customizable registration fields (which many users requested)
- More enable / disable switches for your customers (subdomains, dns,
ftp, etc.)
- Support for PHP 5.3
- Automatic full migration script (database, files and configuration)
from one server to another (over ssh)
- More payment gateways (now, we have: checks, dineromail, enets,
moneybookers, paypal, webmoney, wiretransfer)
- Fully working Maxmind fraud-prevention system
- Xen server overview showing all servers
- Extplorer web file manager support and packaging
- And finally, a new âgrayboardâ skin thanks to Olivier Soil

Note that this version has been extensively tested on:
- FreeBSD
- Debian Lenny (we provide a backport on GPLHost repository for Lenny)
- Debian Squeeze (Squeeze is what this release aims at)

Upgrade to the new version from previous ones is flawless, and wont
destroy any hosted data or customer information.

We would like to take this occasion to thanks all the contributors,
especially our friends from Argentina Fernando Kiernan (FreeBSD
support), Javier Marcon (InternetBS support, Dineromail payment
support), Jeremy Cayrasso (multi-registrar API, OVH registrar support),
and many others.

Get in touch: If you want to know more, you can write directly to the
CEO of GPLHost thomas@xxxxxxxxxxx (Thomas Goirand), or use our contact
page (instant messaging): http://www.gplhost.com/gplhost-contact.html

Who is GPLHost:
GPLHost is both a service and software company. While doing hosting
since 2003, GPLHost has always put as much efforts as possible in
writing free software for web hosting, and maintaining them up-to-date
in major distributions like FreeBSD and Debian. It's flagship software,
DTC, is already widely used on the internet as a server controller
software for managing email and web hosting. GPLHost is currently
hosting from 10 locations spread around the world (in south Asia,
Australia, USA, Europe, more here:
http://www.gplhost.com/gplhost-network.html). While being totally
virtual (no real head quarter) and registered in many countries, GPLHost
is still a relatively small company.

Fact sheet about DTC:
- Product names: DTC and DTC-Xen
- First public release: 2003 / 2004
- First appearance in major distributions: apr-2009, when Debian Lenny
was out
- Platforms: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD
- Directly included as part of the following distributions: Debian,
Ubuntu, FreeBSD
- Minimum configuration for DTC: 192 MB RAM is strict minimum, 512 with
all the anti-spam daemons, can run on small scales VPS
- Would uses it: anyone wishing to do administration of a server,
especially when selling hosting space
- Translations: DTC is fully translated in English, French, Spanish,
German, and Simplified Chinese (we are currently waiting for the final
version of the last 2 languages for this release). There's partial
translations in other languages.
- License: LGPL / GPL
- URLs: http://www.gplhost.com/software-dtc.html

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