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New dtc-xen bugfix 0.5.13 release


This is an announcement of a bugfix release for DTC-Xen.

I have released few days ago a new version 0.5.13, that corrects a quite
bad issue, related to standard output and error redirections when
starting or stopping a VM. The corresponding patches are here:


What happened is that when doing xm start/stop/shutdown, dtc-xen was
trying to redirect stderr/stdout so that it could catch an eventual
error message. The issue is that it didn't release it, so that later,
the dataCollector that does "xm list" didn't work. Worse, the output of
"xm list", after a xm stop/start/shutdown (any of them), was going in an
internal variable of dtc-xen (localsysout / localsyserr). The result was
something that appeared as a memory leak, with these 2 variable getting
the content of the output of "xm list" every minutes.

In short, dtc-xen could fill-up the memory of your dom0, refuse to stop,
and has its statistic reporting feature broken, as soon as you are
trying to start, stop or shutdown a VM through DTC-Xen's soap server.

The version 0.5.12 was an attempt to solve this, it did, but then xm
start/stop/shutdown didn't work anymore, which is why the same day,
DTC-Xen 0.5.13 has been released.

If you are running DTC-Xen 0.5.x, you should upgrade immediately.

Best regards,

Thomas Goirand

P.S: As we are now adding new features in DTC-Xen for supporting VZ, and
I hope also KVM and Virtualbox soon, our Git has now an up-to-date
stable-0.5 branch, while we will be working on the master branch as of
today. New features will *not* get into the 0.5.x branch anymore, and
new features in DTC-Xen will not be released until we have support for
other virtualization technologies working.

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