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New DTC 0.34.5-1 bugfix release

Hi everyone,

Today, I've released a bigfix version of DTC. Here's the changelog entries:

- Fixed eXtplorer rights, so users can't see other user names.
- Fixed s/smtpd_client_messages_rate_limit /smtpd_client_message_rate_limit/
  in /etc/postfix/main.cf.
- A typo in dtc_config.php error message handling.
- Some addslashes in the server graphs needed by recent localization.
- More pl_PO.po localization to polish (thanks to Seeb).
- Removed a PHP warning in the CRM editor if no custom fields in
- Corrects the migration script so it changes the db to the new IP
- Fixes templates.php for the number of rows in textarea type.
- Removes a warning in fetch.php when a domain has no subdomains.
- Fixes the fullemail field after an import.
- Corrects symlink creation when building a new vhost folder.
- Allows dovecot to work with a remote MySQL.
- Fixes renewals.php so it displays correctly payments (include new code
in templates.php) and removes a warning.
- Corrects the scale of vm-cpu-all.php so that it displays correctly.

Even though these are mostly minor fixes, we recommend everyone to
upgrade to this new version.

I'll be uploading this new release to SID shortly, and I hope that
Fernando can manage to have a new uploaded to FreeBSD soon.

Note that if you were using eXtplorer before, we recommend you to fix
the access rights to the following:

$GLOBALS["users"][] =

in your /etc/extplorer/.htusers.php (note the new value of 1 instead of
7 as in old installations), as this upgrade will not correct the value.
If you don't, any user can see the list of existing usernames in DTC,
which can be a security concern (even though password aren't revealed).

Best regards,

Thomas Goirand
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