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New dtc-xen fixing Squeeze glitches


I just uploaded a new version of dtc-xen, which repairs 2 things. In fact, it's 2 workaround as CentOS and RoundCube in Debian are borken.

1/ The CentOS setup was broken because of a CentOS bug. See this:


2/ As dtc-toaster pulls roundcube by default, preseeding of debconf values was borken. Even I made many tests and attempts, I found it was impossible to preseed RoundCube questions. I also think this is a bug in RoundCube, rather than in DTC-Xen. So what I did is simply pull squirrelmail. The dtc-panel_autodeploy script is also a lot more simple.

Thes changes/fix have been pushed to both Debian SID, and to GPLHost's Squeeze repository. I would recommend anyone using DTC-Xen in Squeeze to upgrade to this new 0.5.14-1 version.

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