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DTC 0.34.6 released


I have released DTC 0.34.6 today. Here's the changes:

- New option for forcing SSL for the /webmail redirection.
- New uptions to pay and edit custom products, thanks to Javier Marcon.
- Fixes the "access not granted" for VPSes.
- Fixes VAT calculation in invoices (payments and accounting exports
were already correct) thanks to Jess Norwell.
- Fixed CBand apache module directives, thanks to Javier Marcon.
- Fixes English text in the replaying_stoplist postfix maps.

It's to be noted that we moved away from a slow, (nearly) one year
release cycle to much more often releases, exposing issues a lot faster,
and reducing the time to production for new features. This is in line
with what everybody has been doing in the Linux world, and I also think
it's a much better way of handling things.


Thomas Goirand
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