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DTC 0.35.1 released


Here's the changelog:

  * New upstream release with the following changes:
  - Fixed __FULE__ instead of __FILE__ in pay_functions.php
  - A lot of custom products enhancement (renewals, admin editor, etc.)
  - dovecot config modify to enable quota
  - Install a webserver-dummy package in the chroot to allow the install
of any
  PHP software in it without hassle (uses equivs).
  - add 7z compression and scp transfert to backup script
  - Now also cleans the /var/lib/php5 of all vhosts (needed if using
  - Patches for the English docs.
  - Removes generation of safe_mode if using php >= 5.4
  - Fixes logrotate.d script (creates dtc.log as dtc user)
  - Adds possibility to ssh inside the subdomains.aufs folder.
  - Updates of various language translations.
  - Improved dtc-dos-firewall.
  - Now using method="POST" in most forms (which is configurable, so
that users
  can still switch this off to be able to do scripting and see URL and
  - Added a new Sieve support (dovecot only).
  * New init.d script to mount / umount aufs folders for the new
sbox_aufs mode
  of DTC.
  * Fixed the dtc-dos-firewall init.d script, so it always works and
wont print
  error messages.

Please test (and report issues), especially the new Sieve feature from
Jeremy. There's already some new changes that Jeremy wants to add to his
new firewall script that are on the way.


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