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DTC 0.36.1 is out

Hi everyone!

The last release of DTC was on the 2012-06-08. This release was really
overdue. It has a massive amount of new feature, so much that I think
it's better not to list them all. Instead, I took the time to list them
in the debian/changelog of DTC, which you can see here:


Please join me to thanks Jeremy Cayrasso, Martin Thomas Schrott, Gregory
Fardel, Javier Marcon, Jesse Norell, Fernando Kiernan and Jan-Claas
Dirks for their contributions (plus everyone who contributed translations).

This release is also a milestone as there is really a big amount of
external contributions (eg: I'm not the main contributor anymore), and I
am really happy with that.

In fact, I was pushed to release by Fernando Kiernan who just sent a
massive amount of patches to the list. As the commit activity was quiet
for about 3 months, I think it was the good time to release, just right
before applying the patches from Fernando. This will give us enough time
to fix eventual issues we may find on Fernando's patches (it's not that
I don't trust Fernando, it's just that this is a lot of patches).

Again, thanks everyone for the contributions.

Happy testing of this new release!

Thomas Goirand
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